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Kaleidoscope A simple small cylinder, our childhood memory. Simply place it close to the eyes, gently turn it by hand, one after another beautiful pattern that live in front, amazingly beautiful!

Kaleidoscope Beautiful form, from WatcherLOVE • Made from Heart

Love is like a Kaleidoscope, obtains most fragment layers combination, projecting of an ever-changing’s colorful and beautiful world.Numberless happy fragments are derivative scenes of many memorable pictures, presenting the moments in love. Each kaleidoscope is full of fragments of happy memories, from being stranger to mutually attract, connect, fall in love and believe in each other, all unforgettable memories of the section is deeply engraved in the kaleidoscope of the heart. Nor loveless, only love more.
I want to try!


【萬花筒】有愛 • 一切從心出發

Kaleidoscope原自一個由美國設計師設計的內衣品牌。設計師在美國San Francisco一個旅程中,晨早起床,穿著睡衣,望著窗邊透來的曙光,透過玻璃窗射進來的光線,尤如萬花筒,感覺溫暖而浪漫。仿彿整間睡房也充滿著愛。

愛就像一支萬花筒,讓每一次的相會與組合,激盪出一個千變萬化,繽紛綺麗的世界。無數的快樂碎片堆積成一幕幕美麗回憶的畫面,就像與愛人每段開心快樂的時刻。每件萬花筒都有著說不出的快樂記憶碎片。 由陌生,相引,相牽,相愛,相信,段段不能磨滅的記憶深深地印在心中的萬花筒裡。沒有不愛,只有更愛。品牌中英名字 "ido" 亦取其 "我愛您" 的意思。我願意為您(或自己)而穿上。

品牌特色:INNER OUTWEAR是表現更有個性,更能穿出千變萬化,做出真正的Mix & Match的風格。自信沿自內心,不再受別人的規限,盡情發揮你的個性美。